My name is Fabien J. R. Raclet. I am another french photographer.

Stampsy, October 2013
Waterfallzine, June 2013
Ignant, December 2012
Mutant Space, February 2013
Complex Magazine, December 2012
True, December 2012

Zwei Jahre mit Kalliope, Freiraum Galerie, Vernissage 29.03.2014
French Regards, (Duo Exhibition with Brian Reynaud), Musikgalerie, Cologne, April 2013
Le Calme Pendant La Tempête, Boutique Belgique, Cologne, 17. February 2013
Le Clope De L'Ennui, Chez Doud, Angoulême, October-December 2012
Snapshots, Group Exhibition, Black Box Gallery, Portland, Oregon, 2011

Law & Order
All photos are the property of the author (© Fabien J. R. Raclet 1985-2014).
And all are for sale.

I am available to hire for reportages, weddings, events or photo sessions. Prices are available on demand and depend on the types of reportage and photographic process (film or digital).

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PS : If you happen to "borrow" photographs from this website, it is no trouble but could you at least remember the name of the photographer when someone asks you who it is ? Thanks.